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Zachary Fine: On Staying in the Moment….

Already we are nearing the final few weeks of our run of The Two Gentlemen of Verona and I’m terrified of it coming to an end. Last week we had some of our best shows yet. The work keeps growing and the company continues to deepen our relationship to the story and to each other…. Continue Reading »

Zack Fine: Coming Together After Opening

Sheesh! It’s Monday and it’s our first day off since arriving in DC a week ago to start tech for “Two Gents” at the Folger Theatre. Last I wrote to you I was in the “muckity-muck” of rehearsal. That ‘muckity-muck” continued throughout our week of tech and previews, but finally found it’s breaking point with… Continue Reading »

Zack Fine: In the “Muckity-Muck” of Two Gents

Well, what is there to say but that we are in the thick of it all for The Two Gentlemen of Verona (beginning April 17)…there is a mess to making things and right about now I feel like I’m in the eye of the mess. So much so that it’s hard to see where the… Continue Reading »

Introducing: Zack Fine of “Two Gents”

Hello Folgerites and Folgerians! My name is Zack Fine and I will be your waiter…I mean your blogger. Thanks for clicking on me. I’m single and looking for a deep connection…oh wait, it’s not that type of blog. Or is it? Maybe. I’ve never really online-dated, but this might just be our chance to experience… Continue Reading »