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Everything is a Thing (First Rehearsal)

O, I find myself in gathering mess. There’s enough on my plate, but more I get How I’m the “blogger” is anyone’s guess While also playing dad to Juliet First day is filled with possibilities As actors meet and greet and take a seat At the table. Responsibilities Clarified. Lovers eyed. Buffets to eat. There’s… Continue Reading »

Louis Butelli and Zach Appelman: Happy Saint Crispin’s Day!

Hello again from your pal Louis Butelli. I’ll be playing Nym in Henry V and Feste in Twelfth Night later this season at Folger Theatre. First, let me please urge you to get your tickets to The Conference of the Birds right now by clicking here! Also, let me please urge you to read Jay… Continue Reading »

Already a Wow – Design Team & 1st Read-Through

With the upcoming production of The Conference of the Birds on the horizon, actor Jay Dunn was kind enough to agree to write a series of blog posts throughout the rehearsal process to give our readers a bit of a behind-the-scenes look into the mounting of this imaginative and creative production. The following, is Jay’s first entry taken… Continue Reading »

Dance for Your Dessert

I know what happiness brings It brings a brand new view I know what happens to me When I meet someone like you —”Someone Like You” by Cliff Eberhardt We are halfway through the rehearsal process for Folger Theatre’s The Taming of the Shrew. The play is blocked and the actors are walking around without… Continue Reading »

Working with Aaron Posner

I met director Aaron Posner in a Las Vegas casino. I honked out bits of Bottom and pieces of Puck alone on a 3000 seat Vegas showroom stage to Aaron Posner and Aaron Posner alone. We had both been working on plays all across the land, and this rendezvous in the Nevada desert was the only… Continue Reading »

Blogging of the Shrew, Day 1

Here let us breathe and haply institute / A course of learning and ingenious studies. Hello and welcome, one and all, to the Folger Theatre Production Diary. I’m Thomas Keegan, and I play Lucentio in Folger Theatre’s upcoming production of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, directed by Aaron Posner. You may also remember me… Continue Reading »