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The Show Must Go On…Or, the Curious Case of the Understudy

I had a friend who was studying to be an anesthesiologist. When I asked him what it was like he described it as “hours of boredom and seconds of terror.” I found his statement astonishingly applicable to working as an understudy in live theatre. Not that it is necessarily boring work by any means, but it is certainly detail oriented, and it’s those… Continue Reading »

What Happens in Vegas Doesn’t Always Stay in Vegas…

Hello there. Emily Trask here. Since writing my previous blog entry about Marion Williams‘ extraordinary set design for The Gaming Table, I became inspired and curious about her idea of the theatre, the building, and the space as a game itself. What was particularly intriguing to me is, that although it surrounds us, this kind of architectural… Continue Reading »

The Art of the Fan

Hello, friends! Emily Townley (Alpiew) here. The Gaming Table is now in the third week of its six-week run, and we’re having lots of fun with it! As a little addendum to my most recent entry, I thought I’d mention a bit about the wonderful fans that our costume designer, Jessica Ford, created, matched to the… Continue Reading »

Corsets, Curls, and Fontanges! Oh, my!

Hi, Blog-ites! The other Emily T, aka Alpiew, here. So The Gaming Table is officially up and running, and I’ve heard that we’ve received some terrific press, which is lovely and much appreciated. Looks like we have a hit on our hands! Check out some of the ink about us. One of the most wonderful… Continue Reading »

Setting the Scene: An Interview with Scenic Designer Marion Williams

Upon walking into the Folger Theatre these days, one has the distinct impression that they’ve stumbled into a lush version of an M.C. Escher sketch. What’s more, it’s hard to tell where the theater ends and the stage begins. But this delightful disorientation is all of a design. A scenic design, to be exact, by Marion… Continue Reading »

Lady Luck

Hello! Emily Trask here with the results of the neigh-impossible game I concocted for last week’s blog. Thank you to those of you who tried your hand at it. It was fun reading your responses! This matching game is actually somewhat similar to the way Basset (the card game featured in The Gaming Table) works:… Continue Reading »