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Lady Luck

Hello! Emily Trask here with the results of the neigh-impossible game I concocted for last week’s blog. Thank you to those of you who tried your hand at it. It was fun reading your responses! This matching game is actually somewhat similar to the way Basset (the card game featured in The Gaming Table) works:… Continue Reading »

Let me sum up…

Hi, blog-ites! Emily Townley, aka Alpiew, here. Just wanted to make sure you all saw this fab little video (included below) the cast and director of The Gaming Table put together recently to help explain what our play is all about. Given that the plot of the show is a little twisty and turny (and that… Continue Reading »

Play a Game, Win a Prize!

Hello, Gaming Table friends! Emily Trask here again. We’re deep into the heart of rehearsals here at the Folger and will be starting technical rehearsals very soon. The set is incredible, the costumes unbelievable, and everyone is rightfully excited to get this skit up and running! But like any tech process worth its salt, it… Continue Reading »

Addicted to Love (and Sex, and Money)

Well, hello blog-friends! It’s the other Emily T. here, Emily Townley. I am very happily deep in rehearsals, beginning Week Three, with Emily Trask and the rest of the wonderful cast of The Gaming Table. A Quick Rundown of “Alpiew” I play one of the two main servants represented on stage, Mrs. Alpiew, lady’s maid,… Continue Reading »

Basset, anyone?

Recently, a handful of brave cast members, as well as the director, stage manager, and dialect coach of The Gaming Table all bellied up to that titular table to learn how to play Basset. Why Basset, you ask? And why did Susanna Centlivre write a play centered around the game? I was wondering the same thing… Continue Reading »

Game On!

We are halfway through our first week of rehearsals for The Gaming Table, and it’s already too much fun not to share. So without further ado… Welcome to the Folger Theatre Production Diary for Susanna Centlivre’s The Gaming Table (originally titled The Basset Table), brought to you by a double-dose of Emily T.  That’s right! There are two Emily T’s in… Continue Reading »