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Blogging of the Shrew, Day 1

Here let us breathe and haply institute / A course of learning and ingenious studies. Hello and welcome, one and all, to the Folger Theatre Production Diary. I’m Thomas Keegan, and I play Lucentio in Folger Theatre’s upcoming production of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, directed by Aaron Posner. You may also remember me… Continue Reading »

Louis Butelli: Henry VIII in Alabama

Hello, readers of the Folger Theatre Production Diary! My name is Louis Butelli. I was a contributor here during Folger’s recent production of Othello, in which I played Roderigo. Last week, I was asked if I would put together a new posting for “y’all,” if you’ll forgive the colloquialism. Obviously, I agreed. There are several… Continue Reading »

Roger Rees and a Conference of Shakespeareans

Last week I attended the Shakespeare Theatre Association conference in Florida, hosted by Orlando Shakespeare Theater. It was a great gathering of Shakespeareans from places as diverse as the Livermore Shakespeare Festival in California to the great Polish city of Gdańsk, where they are building a replica of the Fortune Theatre of 1600. The conference… Continue Reading »

Is this Adieu?!? Oh, Mon Cour!

No! Say it ain’t so! On behalf of the whole cast, I think I can safely say that a marvelous time was had by all during this lovely production of The Gaming Table. It was certainly not without its hiccups! A terrible stomach flu swept through the gang during our final weekend and took out… Continue Reading »

“Farewell Friends… thou Dear Play-house… Farewell”

Farewell Friends, Parents, and my Country; thou Dear Play-house, and sweet Park, Farewell. —Buckle, The Gaming Table It’s hard to believe we have just closed The Gaming Table. It simultaneously seems like just yesterday we were sitting around a table at the Folger hearing the play read for the first time, and also like it… Continue Reading »