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Your Backstage Pass!

Dykstra Blog: Your Backstage Pass  Hey. Dykstra here. Once again. I thought ya’ll might enjoy a tour through the mind of the actor (a semi-dangerous proposition) during performance. So, this is not as much a “backstage” pass as a window into dressing room behavior. I mean AFTER the dressing part has been completed. Cheese &… Continue Reading »

Understanding Understudying (or The Show Must Go On)

Dykstra Blog: Understanding Understudying or The Show Must Go On! Her Name? Stephanie LaVardera. Her Role? Understudying Juliet. Her Job? Saving The Day. Job Complete! Look, there’s lots of times you’ve heard “The Show Must Go On!” Mostly, it’s a producer thing. If the show doesn’t go on, everybody who bought tickets, gets a refund…. Continue Reading »

Getting Technucal

Note: This blog post by Brian Dykstra was written during tech rehearsals in early October. Romeo and Juliet began performances on October 15 and is now running through December 1. “Ladies and Gentlemen: It is now one o’clock. We would like you all in costume and we would like to start ‘soon’ with scene 32…. Continue Reading »

A Day In Rehearsal – An Actor’s Diary

So, I thought maybe y’all might be interested in what actors do on a typical rehearsal day. Here’s a day in the life: Rehearsal is called at 10am. Which is rare. Nothing starts in the theatre before 10am. Nothing. Ever. We’re kind of vampires, us theatre folk…used to playing evening shows and socializing (read drinking)… Continue Reading »

Fighting Amongst Ourselves

So, we got these swords. And we keep striking at each other with them. This is one of the things that happens when you decide to be an actor. People keep putting weapons in your hands and other people keep coming after you with similar weapons. This is one of the things that happens in… Continue Reading »