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Louis Butelli: 4 Plays, 20 Days

Hello once again from your friend Louis Butelli. As you may or may not know, here at Folger Theatre, we’re undertaking another big new experiment in performance and study of the works of William Shakespeare. For three weeks this summer, a team of actors, producers, and engineers gathered at Omega Studios in Rockville, Maryland to… Continue Reading »

Louis Butelli: Folger Audio Recordings

Hello once again from your friend Louis Butelli, most recently Feste in Folger Theatre’s Twelfth Night. We closed our show on June 9 after a great run: thanks to everybody who came out to see us. I’m back at the Folger to participate in an exciting new project – immersive audio recordings of the full… Continue Reading »

Louis Butelli: Playing Fools

Hello once again from your friend Louis Butelli, currently playing Feste in Twelfth Night at the Folger Theatre. Our show must close this Sunday, on June 9th – grab your tickets now by clicking here. We’re having such a blast playing this show. The critics have been absolutely raving, the audiences have been delightful, and… Continue Reading »

The Role of Pants in Pants Roles

Pants. Slacks. Breeches. Knickers. Overalls. Pantaloons. Pedal Pushers. Trousers. Jeans. Bloomers. Jodhpurs. Khakis. Drawers. Call them what you will, in our production of What You Will – of the Twelfth Night variety – most of us are sporting them. Including me. I have the privilege and challenge of taking on one of Shakespeare’s most famous… Continue Reading »

If Music Be the Food of Love . . . PLAY on.

Indeed, if Music is the food of love, Twelfth Night, or What You Will playing now at the Folger Theatre, is an amorous buffet. Hello! Emily Trask here! I had the pleasure of blogging with you last year while I was playing Valeria in The Gaming Table and I’m delighted to be back at the… Continue Reading »

Louis Butelli: Taking Care of our Own

Hello again from your friend Louis Butelli, currently playing Feste in Folger Theatre’s fantastic production of Twelfth Night. Our show must close on June 9th, so make sure you get your tickets now – click here. The press has been great (click here and here), and the audiences have been phenomenal (click here), so come… Continue Reading »