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A Day In Rehearsal – An Actor’s Diary

So, I thought maybe y’all might be interested in what actors do on a typical rehearsal day. Here’s a day in the life: Rehearsal is called at 10am. Which is rare. Nothing starts in the theatre before 10am. Nothing. Ever. We’re kind of vampires, us theatre folk…used to playing evening shows and socializing (read drinking)… Continue Reading »

Fighting Amongst Ourselves

So, we got these swords. And we keep striking at each other with them. This is one of the things that happens when you decide to be an actor. People keep putting weapons in your hands and other people keep coming after you with similar weapons. This is one of the things that happens in… Continue Reading »

Everything is a Thing (First Rehearsal)

O, I find myself in gathering mess. There’s enough on my plate, but more I get How I’m the “blogger” is anyone’s guess While also playing dad to Juliet First day is filled with possibilities As actors meet and greet and take a seat At the table. Responsibilities Clarified. Lovers eyed. Buffets to eat. There’s… Continue Reading »

Louis Butelli: 4 Plays, 20 Days

Hello once again from your friend Louis Butelli. As you may or may not know, here at Folger Theatre, we’re undertaking another big new experiment in performance and study of the works of William Shakespeare. For three weeks this summer, a team of actors, producers, and engineers gathered at Omega Studios in Rockville, Maryland to… Continue Reading »