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Video Postcard from Robert Richmond – Director of the Folger Theatre’s “Julius Caesar” – in Stratford-upon-Avon

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend him your ears! In this video postcard from Stratford-upon-Avon, Julius Caesar Director Robert Richmond describes his vision and gives us a glimpse into his travels for the upcoming production. [wpvideo kmhNmgp1] Robert Richmond has directed six plays for Folger Theatre, including last season’s Richard III and 2013’s Henry V.  He is also the… Continue Reading »

Ira Glass: “Shakespeare S*cks???”

Hello once again from your friend Louis Butelli. The folks here at the Folger Production Diary have asked me to contribute some late summer entries before rehearsals begin for the Folger’s upcoming production of Julius Caesar: click here for more information on the production. In the meantime…. As a long-time Shakespeare practitioner – nearly 18 years,… Continue Reading »

An Eye for an Eye, an Edward for an Edward

There are lots of characters in Richard III. Most of them are related to each other and figuring out exactly how is a task best accomplished with a large bottle of aspirin. To help out future historians and to celebrate his coronation, Edward IV (King of England at the opening of Richard III) commissioned a complete genealogy of… Continue Reading »

Words, Familiar in Their Mouths

One of the wonderful rewards of listening to lots of Shakespeare is the moment when you begin to recognize passages or themes that re-occur. It is the feeling of finally being able to recognize a painter from the strokes of their brush or a composer from the first few notes of an overture. As children… Continue Reading »

Harry Potter vs. Richard III

In case you missed last week’s post and in honor of the first rehearsal of Richard III at the Folger today, here are eleven more reasons why Harry Potter is like Richard III.                        1. Adorable But Annoying Child Harry Potter: Colin Creevey Richard III: Prince Edward 2. Crazy Old Woman Who Runs Around the Castle Harry Potter:  Professor… Continue Reading »

Voldemort vs. Richard III

In preparation for our upcoming production of Richard III, we here at Folger Theatre have been thinking quite a bit about that unfortunate king. Given that last week I compared Richard II to a Bonnie Raitt ballad, it only made sense this week to do something equally ridiculous, and to compare Richard III to another… Continue Reading »

What do Richard II and Bonnie Raitt have in common?

On December 2nd, the Folger hosted the first U.S. screening of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Richard II starring David Tennant. Most fans in America know David Tennant from the BBC television series Dr. Who, but he has been a classical actor for much of his life. He joined the RSC at 25, playing… Continue Reading »

Dykstra Blog: The Student Matinee Experience!

“Grumble, Grumble.” “Snort” “Whine” “Complaint” “But it’s soooo eeeearly!” “This is ungodly.” “Oh, no…I’m going to need a nap!” “Is there coffee?” And so it goes… It’s a student matinee of our Romeo and Juliet at the Folger Theatre and our call is practically the butt crack of dawn. We have to be at the… Continue Reading »