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Rehearsal Gets Personal

Faith, sirrah, an you’ll knock, I’ll ring it. / I’ll try how you can sol, fa, and sing it! -Grumio

We’re in the midst of week two of rehearsal and things are going well. We’ve blocked nearly the entire play, and in the process we’ve gotten to know each other—in some instances, a little better than we expected. Fight director Casey Kaleba came in recently to work on some of the show’s stage violence. It was business as usual, and then…

In one of his first scenes of the play, Petruchio (Cody Nickell) admonishes his servant, Grumio (Danny Sheie), by grabbing him by the crotch. As you might imagine, it’s important that such a move is rehearsed well and performed carefully. So, after being in rehearsal for 10 days, it was time—you know, a normal day at work. There was a great deal of lightness in the rehearsal, and plenty of jokes were made.

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