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Hello, Gaming Table friends! Emily Trask here again.

We’re deep into the heart of rehearsals here at the Folger and will be starting technical rehearsals very soon. The set is incredible, the costumes unbelievable, and everyone is rightfully excited to get this skit up and running! But like any tech process worth its salt, it will take some serious time, focus, and finesse to get all these awesome pieces working together. Meaning there’s a bit of down time to be had backstage for the actors who are not in the scene that’s currently being “teched.” In fact, I knew an actor who had been in the military, and he said a tech process in the theatre was akin to his time in the army in that, “It’s all ‘Hurry up… and wait’.”

So while the designers, stage manager, and director are literally working their magic, those of us backstage fill the waiting in many different ways. Some read, some knit, some do crossword puzzles, some write blogs (ahem)… but many times you’ll find actors playing games. Typically it’s a card game, sometimes a board game. But regardless of whether it involves dice or jokers (and trust me, there’s a joker in every cast), the whole idea seemed a little too wonderfully “meta” not to mention while doing a play called The Gaming Table.  

It also got me curious what kind of “gamers” we had in this cast. So I asked my fellow actors to ‘fess up about their favorite games—anything from poker, to Twister, to Yahtzee—and I decided to use their answers to turn this blog entry into a GAME ITSELF. Mind blown? I thought so.

But seriously.

Here’s how to play: 

  • Match the Gaming Table cast member with his or her favorite game in the chart below.
  • Post your answers in the comments section below (ex. Julie Jesneck – Game 1; Emily Trask – Game 2; etc.). Be sure to include your name with the entry.
  • The first person to correctly matching all of the actors with their favorite game WINS! 

“Win what?!” you ask?



I will reveal the correct matches and the winner on the day of our first preview performance on January 24th.


To make it easier, copy and paste from the lists below:

Katie deBuys
Robbie Gay
Michael Glenn
Ashley Ivey
Julie Jesneck
Marcus Kyd
Michael Milligan
Darius Pierce
Tonya Beckman Ross
Emily Townley
Emily Trask
Michael Willis
Axis & Allies
Chutes and Ladders
Liar’s Dice
The Settlers of Catan
Texas Hold ‘Em


  • Axis and Allies – Glenn
    Hangman – Ross
    Chutes and Ladders – Kyd
    Spoons – Jesneck
    Blackjack – DuBuys
    Celebrity – Gay
    Settlers of Catan – Ivey
    Liar’s Dice – Pierce
    Risk – Trask
    Texas Hold’em – Willis
    Scrabble – Townley

  • Katie deBuys – Celebrity
    Robbie Gay – Risk
    Michael Glenn – Texas Hold Em
    Ashley Ivey – Axis & Allies
    Julie Jesneck – Hangman
    Marcus Kyd – Spoons
    Michael Milligan – Blackjack
    Darius Pierce – Chess
    Tonya Beckman Ross – Chutes & Ladders
    Emily Townley – Liar’s Dice
    Emily Trask – Scrabble
    Michael Willis – Settlers of Catan

  • Katie deBuys – Texas Hold ’em
    Robbie Gay – Liar’s Dice
    Michael Glenn – Risk
    Ashley Ivey – Chess
    Julie Jesneck – Celebrity
    Marcus Kyd – Settlers of Catan
    Michael Milligan – Hangman
    Darius Pierce – Scrabble
    Tonya Beckman Ross – Chutes and Ladders
    Emily Townley – Spoons
    Emily Trask – Blackjack
    Michael Willis – Axis & Allies

  • Katie deBuys – Celebrity
    Robbie Gay – Liar’s Dice
    Michael Glenn – The Settlers of Catan
    Ashley Ivey – Hangman
    Julie Jesneck – Scrabble
    Marcus Kyd – Chutes and Ladders
    Michael Milligan – Chess
    Darius Pierce – Axis & Allies
    Tonya Beckman Ross – Texas Hold ‘Em
    Emily Townley – Blackjack
    Emily Trask – Spoons
    Michael Willis – Risk
    I know I’m not elligable to win but thought I would try the game.

  • Katie deBuys- Axis and Allies
    Robbie Gay- Chutes and Ladders
    Michael Glenn- The Settlers of Catan
    Ashley Ivey- Risk
    Julie Jesneck- Spoons
    Marcus Kyd- Blackjack
    Michael Milligan- Liar’s Dice
    Darius Pierce- Celebrity
    Tonya Beckman Ross- Hangman
    Emily Townley- Scrabble
    Emily Trask- Texas Hold Em
    Michael Willis- Chess

    What? No Strip Poker? 🙂 someone’s holding back…

  • A series of uneducated guesses:

    Katie deBuys– Liar’s Dice
    Robbie Gay– Blackjack
    Michael Glenn– Celebrity
    Ashley Ivey– Spoons
    Julie Jesneck–Chess
    Marcus Kyd– Hangman
    Michael Milligan–Scrabble
    Darius Pierce– The Settlers of Catan
    Tonya Beckman Ross– Texas Hold ‘Em
    Emily Townley– Axis & Allies
    Emily Trask– Chutes and Ladders
    Michael Willis– Risk

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